As DC mulls gun safety plan, similar bills are stalled in Lansing

~ Wed, June 15 2022 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer, who represents Oxford, has led the charge in Michigan's Senate to pass gun safety legislation, including safe gun storage. The safe storage effort, which has received vocal support from some survivors of the Oxford shooting, has not left the Senate committee where it was sent prior to the shooting. ...Read More


MEA Members Support Rational Gun Safety Reform in the Wake of School Shootings

~ Wed, June 15 2022 ~

"Safely storing a firearm in the home is a widely supported and commonsense measure that has been shown to save lives and that doesn’t seem like much to ask for when you consider it could save the life of a child," Sen. Rosemary Bayer said. ...Read More


Michigan AFL-CIO Announces Endorsed Candidates for August Primary Elections

~ Wed, June 15 2022 ~

“Michigan’s working families need elected officials that will fight for our union freedoms now more than ever,” said Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO. ...Read More


U.S. Senate Comes to Agreement on Gun Reform

~ Mon, June 13 2022 ~

"It should be easier to continue to move forward. People see what we’re doing isn’t taking away their guns and isn’t unraveling anybody’s constitutional right," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer. "We’re not doing any of those things. We’re just adding protection and safety." ...Read More


Oxford High School students launch initiative to advocate for sensible gun reform

~ Sat, June 11 2022 ~

"I am incredibly proud of the work these students are doing as they take further action to address gun violence in our society," said Senator Rosemary Bayer ...Read More


Michigan state GOP lawmakers continue to block Democrats' gun safety bills

~ Fri, May 27 2022 ~

"We have been trying to pass some gun safety regulations for a long time here in Michigan," Sen. Rosemary Bayer said. "The bills that we were going to introduce, they're proven effective." ...Read More


GOP-led Senate skips statements for second day amid standoff over gun reform legislation

~ Fri, May 27 2022 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer represents Oxford and also leads the Michigan Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention Caucus. "If they think that will make me be quiet they are wrong," she said. ...Read More


States divided along partisan lines in response to shootings

~ Thurs, May 26 2022 ~

"Every day we don’t take action, we are choosing guns over children," said Democratic Sen. Rosemary Bayer, whose district includes a high school where a teenager was charged in a shooting that killed four in November. ...Read More


Michigan Senate Republicans squash Democratic effort to vote on gun safety bills

~ Wed, May 25 2022 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer proposed pulling [gun safety bills] out of committee where they’ve languished for months. In a party line vote, however, the effort was squashed by the Republican majority. ...Read More


After Another School Shooting, Waiting for Action From Lawmakers

~ Wed, May 25 2022 ~

"There’s only a few people that are in the way and they are right here in this room," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer. "Look who’s keeping this from happening. Who’s keeping us from doing what we have to do to protect the people in this state." ...Read More


'This is ridiculous,' Michigan Senator says as Republicans block gun legislation after Texas shooting

~ Wed, May 25 2022 ~

"We have been talking to you about this for years, over and over again," Sen. Bayer said. "This is urgent now because again we did nothing after the Oxford shootings." ...Read More


Stateside: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

~ Wed, May 25 2022 ~

In the wake of the Uvalde, Texas elementary school massacre, Senator Rosemary Bayer joined us to discuss the Michigan legislature’s lack of action on gun control following the recent school shooting at Oxford High School. ...Read More


Children look on as lawmakers spar over gun storage legislation

~ Wed, May 25 2022 ~

Michigan Sen. Rosemary Bayer is requesting her gun reform legislation be brought out of committee, where it has been stalled since the Oxford shooting. Bayer represents the area covering Oxford. ...Read More


Michigan Senate Republicans block votes on gun storage bills after Texas school shooting

~ Wed, May 25 2022 ~

"Every day we don't take action we are choosing guns over children," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer. "Enough is enough. No more prayers. No more thoughts. No more inaction." ...Read More


Michigan Dems tried unusual maneuver to get vote on gun storage bills. GOP blocked it.

~ Wed, May 25 2022 ~

"We did nothing after the Oxford shooting. We did nothing after the Buffalo shooting. And now we don't want to do anything today," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer. ...Read More


MEA calls for immediate state House action on Oxford relief legislation

~ Thur, May 12 2022 ~

The state Senate on March 24 unanimously approved Senate Bills 940 and 941, sponsored by Sen. Rosemary Bayer. These bills would provide relief from days and hours, testing and evaluation requirements for Oxford Community Schools students and educators." ...Read More


Michigan House votes to boost school funding

~ Wed, May 4 2022 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer wants the state to make up for years of insufficient investment in schools. "There are real uses for the money, but there is a group of Republicans who don’t want to spend it," said Bayer...Read More


Hundreds gather in Lansing to protest SCOTUS draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade

~ Wed, May 4 2022 ~

A number of state lawmakers, including Sen. Mallory McMorrow (D-Royal Oak), Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit), Sen. Rosemary Bayer (D-Beverly Hills) and Sen. Adam Hollier (D-Detroit), stood with abortion advocates on the Capitol steps. ...Read More


Democratic lawmaker says she’d ‘literally be dead right now’ without Roe v. Wade

~ Tue, May 3 2022 ~

"I was so angry last night, I couldn’t sleep at all,” Sen. Rosemary Bayer said. "The real, long-term intent … [is] to take away our rights, to take away our freedom to make our own decisions about our lives. That’s what’s happening. It’s not going to stop here. It’s going to continue, it’s going to get even worse," she said. ...Read More


Michigan prepares for legal fight as SCOTUS draft opinion suggests overturning Roe V. Wade

~ Tue, May 3 2022 ~

"We will do anything we can to stop this from happening to the women of Michigan," Sen. Rosemary Bayer said. ...Read More


What Michigan politicians are saying about Roe v. Wade leak, possible abortion ban

~ Tue, May 3 2022 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer shared that she had an ectopic pregnancy at age 29 that would have caused internal bleeding when she was trying to have a second child. "It was pretty devastating in many ways, but at least I could get the medical procedure that I needed to survive." ...Read More


Michigan plans to divest from Russia. It's not that simple.

~ Fri, April 22 2022 ~

State Senator Rosemary Bayer, D-Beverly Hills, said that, in the long term, laws need to change, which is why she introduced a bill that would add Russia to the list of countries that sponsor terrorism and that the state would need to divest from. ...Read More


Inside the state Senate's K-12 school budget negotiations for 2022-23

~ Fri, April 22 2022 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer, Minority Vice Chair of the subcommittee that produced the K-12 education budget, says that while the proposed $450 increase in per pupil funding is a positive, other services, like special education, are severely underfunded. ...Read More


After political shakeup, these candidates want to represent Novi in Lansing, Washington

~ Mon, April 20 2022 ~

In the race for state senator representing the 13th District are three Republicans. One of the three will face Incumbent Democrat Rosemary K. Bayer of Keego Harbor in November. Bayer has served as state senator since 2019.. ...Read More


Candidates file for Farmington-area races at state, federal level

~ Mon, April 20 2022 ~

Northern Farmington Hills is in District 13 with portions of West Bloomfield Township, Novi, Northville Township and Plymouth Township. Sen. Rosemary Bayer of Keego Harbor is the only Democrat in the race. ...Read More


Sen. Theis slammed for ‘vile’ attack against Dems in fundraising email

~ Mon, April 18 2022 ~

Sen. McMorrow was among at least three members — including state Sens. Dayna Polehanki (D-Livonia) and Rosemary Bayer (D-Beverly Hills) — who walked out after Theis’ invocation. ...Read More


County Commissioner Cavell Discusses New Housing Security Efforts

~ Mon, April 18 2022 ~

The housing security measures adopted by the board follow the recommendations from the 2021 Oakland County Blueprint to End Homelessness which was made possible from a $250,000 state grant secured by Michigan State Senator Rosemary Bayer of Keego Harbor. ...Read More


Michigan Democrats seek to censure GOP state senator for ‘disreputable and dishonorable behavior’

~ Fri, April 15 2022 ~

Co-sponsors of the resolution introduced by Minority Senate Leader Sen. Jim Ananich, include Sen. Rosemary Bayer Read More


Sen. Theis’ invocation claiming kids are ‘under attack’ from ‘forces’ prompts walkout

~ Thur, April 14 2022 ~

At least three state senators walked out of session in protest of an invocation which appeared to reference Republicans’ national push to crack down on teachings and books that reference LGBTQ+ issues and America’s history of white supremacy. ...Read More


Chemical industry pitches ‘advanced recycling’ to Michigan lawmakers

~ Wed, April 13 2022 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer said the chemical industry was simply trying to "avoid environmental regulation" by seeking regulation outside of solid waste laws. Read More


‘Thoughts and prayers are not enough’: Michigan advocacy groups renew push for action on gun storage bills

~ Tue, April 12 2022 ~

"Research shows storing firearms securely is a very simple and very effective way to prevent unauthorized access, including by children," said Senator Rosemary Bayer. Read More


Parents, students join volunteers at Capitol to demand action on secure firearm storage bills

~ Tue, April 12 2022 ~

Volunteers with the Michigan chapter of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action held a press conference Tuesday with Michigan State Sen. Rosemary Bayer and other gun safety advocates to call for more action on secure firearm storage bills. Read More


Sen. Bayer on Supplemental Budget Investments

~ Thurs, Mar 24 2022 ~

"This budget is a great bipartisan step forward in helping communities throughout Michigan by investing in the areas that make our state a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer. Read More


Democratic lawmakers to re-introduce legislation to hold charter schools accountable

~ Mon, Feb 28 2022 ~

"We’ve put a lot of money into [charter] schools and we don’t really have anywhere near the kind of visibility and controls on it than we do our public education system,” said bill sponsor Sen. Rosemary Bayer. Read More


Oxford students lobby in Lansing for red flag gun laws, safer firearms storage

~ Wed, Feb 23 2022 ~

"We want our kids to be safe at school," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer [who] represents the district containing Oxford High School and lived just down the street from the school for many years. Read More


State lawmakers push new bills for secure storage of firearms

~ Tue, Feb 22 2022 ~

"Safely storing a firearm in the home is a widely supported and commonsense measure that has been shown to save lives," Sen. Rosemary Bayer said in a statement.… Read More


With frustration over inaction, Michigan gun safety advocates weigh 2024 ballot measure

~ Fri, Feb 18 2022 ~

Even before a possible 2024 ballot initiative, Sen. Rosemary Bayer said gun safety is on the ballot in 2022, as Democrats have a shot at taking control of the state Senate for the first time in decades. Read More


Michigan Democratic state lawmakers announce firearm storage bills

~ Thu, Feb 17 2022 ~

"I’m tired of thoughts and prayers. We have the privilege of being able to do actually do something about this. In our work, we could change this," Sen. Rosemary Bayer said. … Read More


Michigan's safe storage gun bills sat untouched in Lansing for months before Oxford shooting

~ Tue, Feb 15 2022 ~

"When you do allow a minor to have possession of a gun, you're going to be held accountable if they use it to cause harm to themselves or others," Sen. Rosemary Bayer said.… Read More


Sen. Bayer on Proposed Funding for Education, Mental Health Supports

~ Wed, Feb 9 2022 ~

“The past year has been so difficult for our students in and out of the classroom. We must ensure that long overdue mental health care is accessible and available to them." … Read More


Michigan Senate Democrats to introduce ‘red flag’ gun bills Republicans say will finally get hearing

~ Fri, Feb 4 2022 ~

"Michigan needs red flag laws on the books to not only help us prevent the next school shooting, but so that we can also help protect our loved ones in their darkest hour," Sen. Rosemary Bayer said.… Read More


Sen. Bayer Voices Support for Gov. Whitmer’s 2022 Policy Priorities

~ Wed, Jan 26 2022 ~

"I was pleased to hear about Governor Whitmer’s continued dedication to investing in our schools to ensure that administrators and educators have the resources they need to provide a quality education to students." … Read More


Opinion by Sen. Rosemary Bayer: Michigan Legislature must act now to prevent another Oxford High School shooting

~ Tue, Jan 25 2022 ~

For many of us, last month’s holidays were bright and full of love and celebrations. Unfortunately for some, however, this past holiday season brought about more sadness and grief than celebration. … Read More


Searching for help. Where can homeowners get money to fix failing septic systems?

~ Thu, Jan 20 2022 ~

Senator Rosemary Bayer, a Democrat, said funding amounts to 140-million dollars. "And includes revolving loan funds for individual homeowners. It includes grant funds for communities under five thousand residents." Read More


Michigan Sen. Rosemary Bayer on proposed gun safety legislation: "We need stronger laws here"

~ Tue, Jan 18 2022 ~

"The states that are doing this, that have bills like this, some secure storage legislation, have seen significant drops in child shooting accidents, child shooting deaths, actually reductions in suicide," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer.… Read More


New redistricting maps give Michigan Dems their best shot at legislative power

~ Tue, Jan 11 2022 ~

Sens. Rosemary Bayer, Mallory McMorrow, and Marshall Bullock all live in a district that includes portions of Detroit and Oakland County. … Read More


Sen. Bayer on Senate Passage of Promise Zone Expenses Bill

~ Thu, Dec 2 2021 ~

“I am thrilled play a role in expanding the list of allowable expenses for students in Promise Zones. My many thanks to all who have helped move this legislation forward." … Read More


Michigan Is a Prime Example of How Gerrymandering Can Doom Gun Reform

~ Sat, Dec 18 2021 ~

Sen. Rosemary Bayer, a Democrat whose district includes Oxford High, said that voting maps have allowed the GOP to ignore gun safety measures that enjoy broad support.… Read More


State lawmakers introduce 4 new bills aimed at preventing gun violence

~ Fri, Dec 10 2021 ~

"We are not taking away anyone’s guns. We are simply asking responsible gun owners to please speak up, call your legislators, and tell them that you support responsible gun ownership,” said Sen. Rosemary Bayer… Read More


A Michigan Lawmaker on What She Really Needs to Pass Gun Control

~ Thu, Dec 9 2021 ~

"Without a change in the makeup of the Legislature here in Michigan, we’re not going to get this done. You know, people could do that from the outside by calling their legislator and saying, “If you don’t fix this, I’m not voting for you,” said Sen. Rosemary Bayer .… Read More


The School Shooting Down the Street

~ Thu, Dec 9 2021 ~

"What happens is you get all kinds of attention for a few days and then it goes away and then nothing changes. And we’ve just got to change the script here. We have to do that," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer."… Read More


Sen. Rosemary Bayer on Off The Record with Tim Skubick

~ Thu, Dec 9 2021 ~

Guest Senator Rosemary Bayer and panelists Lauren Gibbons, Craig Mauger and Jim Kiertzner join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick to discuss the week in Michigan government and politics. … Read More and Watch Video


Michigan bills would ban so-called gay, trans panic defense

~ Mon, Dec 6 2021 ~

Rep. Laurie Pohutsky is backing a House bill that would forbid invoking a victim's sexual orientation or gender identity as a legal justification for committing a crime. Pohutsky's bill is paired with an identical Senate proposal introduced by Rosemary Bayer. … Read More


Michigan Senate repeals emergency powers law; Whitmer can't veto

~ Thu, Jul 15 2021 ~

"This is about our ability to react to pandemics and disasters in the future," said Sen. Rosemary Bayer. "It will handcuff our future leaders, duly elected by the people of Michigan, who must act quickly in times of crisis and do so responsibly and decisively." … Read More


Michigan lawmakers introduce bills to ban guns at state Capitol

~ Tue, Sep 29 2020 ~

“The only reason most people bring firearms into the Capitol is to intimidate and that is not how the state’s Capitol — the people’s house — is designed to work, nor should it continue to be permissible,” Sen. Rosemary Bayer said.… Read More