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“It is our duty to govern in a way that protects the people who elected us to serve and the resources that make this the Great Lakes State.”

Senator Rosemary Bayer


Rosemary's Top Priorities

Senator Bayer with a group of students


Senator Bayer is dedicated to Michigan achieving a high quality education for every public school student and making quality pre-school and childcare accessible and affordable for all families. As Minority Vice-Chair of the Senate Appropriations School Aid Fund and the Department of Education, she has been a leader in bringing historic improvements and increases in funding to all of our public schools.

Senator Bayer advocating for protecting our planet


Preserving our land, water and air will help protect the health and safety of all Michiganders. Senator Bayer’s first piece of legislation was the Human Right to Water Act, and her first bill made into law  forced big air polluters to pay for remediation. Her work on climate change and resilience could save Michiganders billions of dollars in destroyed infrastructure, homes and businesses.  

Senator Bayer with constituents practicing covid precautions

Public Health

Many of Senator Bayer's priorities are directly related to public health, including addressing the urgent needs of our people living in poverty and homelessness, environmental protection including access to clean water, paid sick and family leave, reproductive health care access, gun violence prevention, and improving our mental health system.


Headshot of Senator Rosemary Bayer

Who is Rosemary?

A problem solver from a young age, Rosemary Bayer has dedicated her life to finding solutions. After a long career in computer engineering, leading development and infrastructure teams across the Midwest, she founded two organizations – one serving non-profits with database technology and one providing STEM support to girls and women in Michigan. In 2018, the people of District 12 elected Rosemary as their senator to advocate for education, quality infrastructure and the environment. In 2022 she will run for reelection in Senate District 13 to continue these efforts.

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Map of Michigan District 13

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