Fairness in Voting Rights and Access

Voting Rights

Voting is at the very core of our democracy.
Voting should be easy and every vote should count.

  • This means it should be easy for those in rural areas where it’s a long way to the Secretary of State’s office or the polls, people in urban areas without transportation.

  • It should be easy for those without childcare, who cannot get time off work, or who have a physical challenge to their mobility and more.

  • Everyone should be able to readily access registration and voting freely and safely, without harassment or discrimination of any kind for any reason.  

Additionally, everyone’s vote should count. We need a fair, non-political process for defining our voting boundaries so that all votes count. Voters should  select their politicians, not allow politicians to choose their voters.  

Automatic voter registration,  vote-by-mail, and a non-partisan commission to define voting precincts and districts are all good avenues for positive change here in Michigan.

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