Many voters in our District and the State feel that the Michigan government is not representing their interests. They feel little is being done and the people elected are not taking the time; making the effort; or have the concern, to best represent their Districts.  Many voters feel that their Government is instead representing outside interests.  

I am determined to change this. Not being a career politician, I am not motivated to appease "special interests", or to immediately start campaigning for my next job. My goal is to address what is important to you, our District and our State.  I know I can make things better.  I have a reputation for hard work, working collaboratively and getting things done.

I am well qualified to represent our district in the Michigan Senate. While representing you, I will work hard to improve our system in Michigan. I plan to focus on campaign funding and campaign length.  Both issues impact a candidate's dependence on special interest campaign funds. This needs to change.

Click HERE to listen to Rosemary's comments on the December 2018 #LameDuck sessions.

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