You're not in District 12 ?

You can still help!

TOP THREE REASONS why this Senate campaign matters to you even if you are not in District 12 ...

1. Just 38 for the whole State
There are just 38 people in the Michigan Senate making decisions for the entire State.  Do you know who your Senator is?  Is he representing you and your values?

2. Balance
The lopsided government in Michigan eliminated our checks and balances - putting us in last place in the country for ethics and transparency in government and near last for public education.

The Senate Republicans have a "super-majority", 27 of 38 seats, so they decide what to vote on and can simply win every vote.  They do not need to bother listening to constituents!  (When did you last see your Michigan Senator?)

3. Representation 
Today, there are only four women in the Senate, and because of term limits, if there are no new women 
elected to the Michigan Senate in 2018, there will be only one woman to represent the concerns, views and issues of the female half the population.

We need a government that is representative of ALL the people in Michigan and we need representatives who take the time to listen and represent us.  I pledge to take the lead when needed and collaborate with my colleagues to right the wrongs and steer the focus in Michigan governing to our individuals, families, education, economy and environment.

Please support me in this effort by making a contribution or by signing up to be a volunteer.

Thank you!

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