Women's March anniversary: Flood of candidates head to the ballot

By Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press

Rosemary Bayer had a good role model when, at the age of 58, she decided to get a second full-time job: running for the state Senate. “My grandpa was 75 when someone wanted to sign him up for free meal delivery,” she recalled. “He said, ‘Meals on Wheels?’ That’s a great idea. I can deliver for you on Tuesdays and Thursdays.’”

Public service was a touchstone for her family. Bayer’s father — Frederick (Greg) Bayer — was the longtime mayor of New Baltimore and her mother, Mary Ann Bayer, was president of the local Chamber of Commerce.

But, it was the 2016 election in which controversial New York businessman and reality television star Donald Trump won the presidency over Democrat Hillary Clinton that delivered the final blow for the Beverly Hills businesswoman and Democrat.

“I kind of knew things were getting bad, but needed to get that last push,” she said. “It was such a crushing blow for us. The first thing I did was start a group. I called my friends after we could talk out loud again, and before I knew it, 150 people had joined.”

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