Robotics team kicks off new season

By Shelby Tankersley, The Oxford Leader

After travelling to the FIRST World Championships last year to flex their scientific muscles through robotics, Oxford High School’s TORC 2137 robotics team kicked off a new season on Jan. 5 with another world championships appearance this spring on their minds.


In a show of support for the TORC team and STEM education, the newly-elected 12th District State Sen. Rosemary Bayer (D-Beverly Hills) was present at the Jan. 5 event to say a few words to students.

During an interview following her brief speech, Bayer described herself as “an absolute robot freak” and said exploring an  interest in robotics, as well as other forms of technology, is “not geeky, it’s cool.”

“I’ve worked with robots and computers my whole adult life and want to keep doing it,” she said. “So, I will help these guys as much as I can.”

Bayer is a proponent of STEM programs in schools and is particularly interested in “getting girls more involved” in them.

“FIRST robotics really does help prepare those kids for the next stage,” she said. “When we look at what’s needed for our economy, especially (in) Michigan, we need more high-tech. We need more people that are motivated to study that (field) and do work in that (sector). FIRST robotics is particularly  strong (when it comes to) bringing forward kids who will pursue technology as they go farther in school.”

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