Can Michigan Senate's new leader be a grown-up?

By Brian Dickerson, Detroit Free Press

Sixteen newly elected Democratic Michigan state senators learned last week that they're in line to get half the number of staff, and about 60% as much money to provide constituent services, as their Republican colleagues.

Per Michigan law, each of the 38 state senators elected to four-year terms last week represents approximately 238,000 Michigan residents. Each gets an annual salary of about $72,000 a year, plus expenses to staff and operate an office.   

But that's where the golden rule —  you know, the one ordaining that whoever owns the most gold makes the rules — comes in.

Because their party will continue to hold a majority (albeit a majority diminished by the loss of five seats) in the Senate, each of the 22 Republican state senators who take office Jan. 1 will be allocated benefit packages for up to four staffers and an annual expense allowance of $212,700. 

Newly elected Democrats like Mallory McMorrow, who beat incumbent state Sen. Marty Knollenberg to flip an Oakland County state Senate seat Republicans had held for a generation, and former state Rep. Jeff Irwin, who will succeed term-limited Democratic state Sen. Rebekah Warren to represent Ann Arbor and surrounding municipalities, say the disparity is a slap in the face not just to them, but to their constituents, who deserve representation supported by the same resources provide to Republican senators.

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