Michigan legislators using lame duck to undermine will of voters on Proposal 2

By Mark Cavitt & Norb Franz, Macomb Daily (Digital First Media)

The current legislative districts were last drawn by the Senate and House redistricting committees in 2011 following the 2010 census when Republicans had majorities in both chambers. The numbers from the Nov. 6 election tend to bolster the argument that congressional and legislative districts were drawn to benefit Republicans after the last census.

Among Michigan congressional seats, Democrats were able to turn a 9-5 Republican majority into a 7-7 split. In the Michigan Legislature, Democrats flipped six House seats and five Senate seats, but Republicans still maintain the majority in the Senate, 22-17, and in the House, 58-52, even though Democrats garnered more total votes statewide.

In neighboring Oakland County, Democrats flipped two House seats (Districts 40 and 41) and two Senate seats (Districts 12 and 13) via a large increase in Democratic votes. In fact, Sen.-Elect Mallory McMorrow needed more than 73,000 votes to defeat incumbent Republican Sen. Marty Knollenberg in District 13, while Sen.-elect Rosemary Bayer needed more than 59,000 votes to defeat Republican Mike McCready – who was term-limited in the state House -- in District 12. Both Bayer and McMorrow won by an average of 3,143 votes, a very slim margin.

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- Proposal 2
- The 2018 Election
- Redistricting in Macomb
- Lame duck session
- The new process

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