Mayor Deirdre Waterman Hosts Historic Women Delegation of Federal, State and County Legislators

From the February 2019 'Spirit of Pontiac' newsletter
PONTIAC - The City of Pontiac is now represented by a clean sweep of 5 women elected officials who met at a recent luncheon hosted by Mayor Deirdre Waterman.

The meeting was held at Pontiac City Hall to address issues directly affecting Pontiac. State Senator Rosemary Bayer, State Representative Brenda Carter, and County Commissioner Angela Powell all were recently elected in November 2018 to their first terms in their respective positions. Representative Carter previously served in elected capacity on the Pontiac Board of Education. Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence is serving her third term in the United States House of Representatives.

“As elected officials, I felt it necessary that we come together to set priorities that continue to move Pontiac forward” said Waterman. “I am eager to work with these leading ladies and identify resources to enhance opportunities for all Pontiac residents.”

The group of women agreed to meet regularly and form what will be recognized as the Pontiac Caucus. A signature area of focus identified by the group will be addressing issues pertaining to women in poverty. Some of the key issues named are equal pay, affordable housing, childcare, education, and workforce development.

Some of the other topics discussed included identifying key pieces of legislation targeted by each lawmaker and designated committee assignments and responsibilities. The meeting came one day in advance of a scheduled town hall at the Pontiac Kappa House that invited the public to further the discussion and provide community input.

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