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 March is Reading Month

Mar 2019
 A setback for clean water

Feb 2019
 Michigan Advance interview - State of the State

Feb 2019
 Fighting for Equity in School Funding

Feb 2019
 Link to the MI Senate live stream videos

Jan 2019
 For Michigan's Future - #LameDuck

Dec 2018
 Gretchen Whitmer endorsement

Oct 2018
 Putting Women in their Place

Oct 2018
 Protecting our Waters

Oct 2018
 Michigan Senate District 12 B-roll

Sep 2018
 Oakland County Times interview

Jun 2018
 Kick Off event

Apr 2018
 Bottom Line facebook Live interview

Mar 2018
 VOTE for Women! speech

Feb 2018
 Tech Town event

Jan 2018


 State of the State statement

Feb 2019
 Radio-One 1-minute radio spot

Oct 2018
 M2TechCast podcast interview

Oct 2018
 MITechNews interview

Oct 2018
 M2TechCast podcast interview

Nov 2017

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