100 Women for Rosemary

Currently there are only FOUR WOMEN in the Michigan Senate. And, because of term limits, if no other women are elected in 2018, there will be ONE lone female to represent the concerns we as women hold so dear.

We MUST demand equal representation at every level of government!
Currently five women are running for Michigan Senate for the first-time in southeast Michigan,
including Rosemary Bayer, who is running in the 12th District.  

Be one of 100 women banding together to support Rosemary by joining the "100 WOMEN FOR ROSEMARY".

Terry Barclay

Pat Amaranth

Deborah Swink

Ellen Bourke

Marcia Gershenson

 Jen Bayer 

Heidi Bayer 

Kim Boudreau Smith

Katherine Shuler

 Teri Takai 

Dana Beels

Rhonda Weinberg

Janette Phillips

Lisette Reed

Janet Roberts

Cherri Musser

Pam Hansen

Kelli Baird

Roz Komisar Blanck

 Ellece Campbell

 Lisa Kiefer  

Joanne Rusch

  Danielle Kroll

Debra Kuptz

  Kim Cross  

Linda Blakey

Sheryl Wragg

Diane Arthur

Kathleen Norton-Schock

Lori Goldman

Susan Lundal

Rachele Downs

 Nancy Glen 

 Shari Burgess

 Anne Doyle

 Julie Manning

Natalie Robinson

Theresa Fougnie

Juliet Hentschel

Emily Cord-Duthinh

Nancy Philippart

 Helaine Zack



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